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Important Guidelines

imageWhat I Can Ship?
  • MHD2D is able to transport a variety of goods and commodities our customers. It is important that you are aware of the guidelines and restrictions for your shipment.
  • Shipping requirements may vary depending on the destinations, local laws and regulations.
  • Consider the following questions when preparing to ship your goods:
    • If the shipment destination country allows my item
    • If I am shipping Lithium Batteries
    • If there is anything combustible
    • If any approval is needed to ship my item
    • If my item has any liquid or perishables
    • If the shipping regulations for my items have been met

  • MHD2D does not agree to carry, and will not accept any liability for items which it is not permitted to carry, cannot safely carry, or for any goods included in our list of Prohibited and Unacceptable Goods. Click HERE to view the list
imageHow Do I Pack My Items?

It is important to ensure that you pack your shipment with proper materials and care to ensure that it arrives at the destination and receiver safely and intact. As MHD2D does not provide our own packaging materials, good quality packaging is critical to protecting your shipment during transportation.

General Packing Guideline

Here are some simple general guidelines to packing your items:

  1. Choose a suitable filler/cushioning material
    Bubble wrap Honeycomb paper wrap Cardboard inserts Styrofoam inserts
    Widely used as cushioning material and easily obtainable An eco-friendlier alternative to bubble wraps Typically cardboard cut-outs inserted in a box to minimize movement of the item Styrofoam which have been cut out or made to fit an item to avoid item from moving about in a box
    1. Choose a suitable outer packaging for your item
      Courier Plastic Bag Cardboard Box

      • Generally used for light and non-fragile items


      • Double or triple-layered boxes are commonly used for fragile or larger and heavier items.
      • Single-layered boxes are used for smaller products


  2. Choose the right sealing tape
    Brown plastic tape Duct tape

    A polypropylene tape that is usually used for closing packages for shipment


    • Fiber-reinforced paper tape
    • Has a sturdy backing that resists water


  3. Ensure all shipment labels are clearly shown and wholly visible
    Good labelling Bad labelling



Packing Guideline for Liquid Items

  • MHD2D does not agree to carry and will not accept any liability for liquids unless tendered in the below described manner.
  • Senders must mark outer corner container of the shipment containing liquid, indicating the nature of the contents.
  • All shipments containing liquids should be packaged in the following way:
    1. Use screw-on caps, soldering, clips, or similar means to close the mailpieces containing liquids. Do not use only friction-top closures (push-down types).
    2. Liquids being shipped in steel pails and drums with positive closures, such as locking rings or recessed spouts under screw-cap closures, may be mailed without additional packaging.
    3. Glass and other breakable containers of liquid with a capacity of more than 4 fluid ounces must be triple-packaged according to the following requirements:
      • Cushion the primary container with material sufficient to absorb all leakage in case of breakage.
      • Place the primary container inside another sealed, leak proof secondary container, such as a can or plastic bag.
      • Use an outer mailing container that is strong enough to protect the contents.
      • Mailers may use containers certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) that passed ISTA's Test Procedure 3A. Mailers must provide their ISTA 3A Package-Product Certification Notice at the time of mailing as verification that the mailpieces they are submitting passed the required performance test.
  • All shipments containing liquids are required to be packaged as to insure safe carriage with ordinary care in handling. Approval may be revoked by DHL eCommerce at any time.
imageWhat Is the Shipment Value Protection (SVP)?

In addition to MHD2D standard liability, we offer extended liability against shipment damage or loss through our Shipment Protection Value (SVP). We recommend this additional protection for your shipment, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event of damage or loss while shipment are in transit, from the time MHD2D accepted the shipment until the time of delivery. Shipment Value Protection offer higher liability limit than the MHD2D standard liability.
Learn more about MHD2D standard liability by viewing our General Terms and Conditions.

Below additional terms and conditions shall apply when you opt for this Shipment Value Protection (SVP)

  1. Charges for SVP will be calculated as 2.5% of shipment total declared value.
  2. The maximum liability or compensation of shipment covered under SVP will be as follows:
    • Domestic shipment - maximum coverage of MYR 5,500 or actual shipment value, whichever lower
  3. All claims for shipment loss or damage must be submitted in writing to MHD2D within thirty (30) days from the date that MHD2D accepted the Shipment. The Sender are required to provide and furnish shipping invoice and all other documents and information which may be required for the claim process. All claims will be subjected to MHD2D General Terms and Conditions.
imageAre There Any Restrictions On The Shipments and/or Servicable Areas?

MHD2D serves a nationwide coverage, and we are working to improve and widen our coverage. However, currently, there are several restrictions on serviceable areas, shipments dimensions and weight, as summarized as below.

Origin and Destination Restrictions:


Shipment Restrictions:


imageWhere Can I Drop Off My Parcel?

We have over 400 drop off points in Peninsular Malaysia! Click HERE to see the full list.

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